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United Arab Emirates consists of a large number of populations, and it is quiet unfair to all of those people not to be able to open blocked sites while living in the UAE. Among the various blocked sites, some of them are all websites with Israeli domain, all websites for hacking, all websites with viruses, Flickr, Skype, Orkut and others. The reason behind why a large number of websites are blocked in UAE is because the website might contain some content that is offensive to their religion, Islam. Any such websites which they feel opposes towards their religion or promotes a bad name for it; they block such sites from being used in their country.

Have access to blocked sites

Have access to blocked sites in UAE

What can be done to open Blocked sites?

The best way to open blocked sites is VPN. What VPN does is that is safely routes your data in a different country by changing your IP address. In this way it allows you to have access to all the blocked websites in UAE without having anyone snooping on what you are doing. The best VPN for UAE is Wasel Pro. It is among the many different VPN‘s available for UAE, but its ranks out as the best one. It increases your browsing speed, allowing you to have fast access to every website there is without anyone knowing what you are up to.

Wasel is the cheapest VPN Emirates among all the others. Having low price does not mean that it will not give you good benefits. In fact, Wasel pro gives you a lot more benefits that other VPN service providers do not have. They also have a discount on VPN for Emirates.

Unblocking VOIP applications through VPN usage

Unblocking VOIP applications through VPN usage

  • One year= $90.0
  • Half year= $50.0
  • Three months= $27.0
  • One month= $9.99
Unblock sites with Wasel Pro VPN service

Wasel Pro VPN service

Wasel pro not only gives you cheap UAE VPN service, but also provides maximum security while browsing. Your identity would never be at risk while using Wasel. If you still have any doubts about using Wasel Pro, you have the option of using United Arab Emirates trial VPN, which allows you to test the software for free before purchasing it. The time period for the trial is unlimited, but with only ten minutes daily. Once you feel that this software is one of the best for internet privacy in UAE. You can purchase the software. With all of the benefits and services that this software is offering, who wouldn’t want to buy it? It allows you the easiest, safest and fastest access to all of the blocked sites in UAE, and other countries all over the world as well. It is the strongest VPN service. We can assure you that you won’t regret buying this software. Also, if you have any queries or questions regarding anything, the website has a FAQ and support page, which is made specifically for the users; to make sure that all of their problems are solved immediately.

If you are living in the UAE and looking for a way to open blocked sites, then Wasel is the best option you have! Go ahead and purchase it now!