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Unblock blocked sites with an VPN service 

United Arab Emirates is a populated country, and it is quiet unfair to all of those people not to be able to open blocked sites while living in the UAE. Among the various blocked sites, some of them are websites for hacking, all websites with Israeli domain, all websites with viruses, Flickr, Skype, Orkut and others.

access denied how to unblock sites

access denied – how to unblock blocked sites

What can be done to open blocked sites?

The best way to open blocked sites is with the help of VPN. A VPN server is a tool which changes the IP address you are using. This allows you to gain entry on the blocked sites in your area. Your IP address will be replaced by another one, in this way your identity will remain hidden and no one will ever find out that you are using a site that is unavailable in your country. An IP address is like your identity, once that is changed you will be able to open and use any blocked site for as long as you want to; it would be as if you are living in the someplace else, where it is not blocked.

What is bests and cheapest VPN for United Arab Emirates?

There are a number of different VPN’s available that can be used in the UAE. The top 5 VPN providers UAE are:

  • Invisible browsing VPN
  • Hide my ass
  • Strong VPN
  • Wasel Pro
  • Pure VPN

All of these VPN providers do the same work; provide an access to blocked sites and keep your identity hidden. But, the best VPN service provider UAE is Wasel pro. It works faster and better than all the other VPN’s. While using Wasel, your internet picks up speed and works faster than ever before.

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Unblock blocked sites with an VPN service

Setting up Wasel pro is a very easy task, and once you get the hang of it you can open any blocked site whenever you desire to. But first, you need to purchase and download the software from the website. After that part is done, than you would need to install it. The process of installation is very small and easy, and wouldn’t take more than just a few minutes. Plus, the software itself does not cost much. In fact, it is the cheapest VPN provider Arabic. You can get the software here: download Wasel Pro

Plus, they also have discounts for their customers. Wasel pro also offers a trial for new users. If you still have any doubts about using this software, feel free to test it for as long as you like before you decide to purchase it. It has an unlimited trial period, with 10 minutes daily of a try out, until you are absolutely sure that you want to purchase this software. Although we doubt that it will take a lot of time, but we still offer unlimited time for our users to make up their minds. So, go ahead and try out this reliable and safe VPN software.

Wasel Pro VPN review

Wasel Pro VPN review

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